Since January 2018, Fareham Borough Council (FBC) has approved the build of at least 632 new houses on major development sites, mostly in the Brook Lane area of Warsash. An additional 497 have planning applications submitted by developers to FBC requiring imminent decisions. An additional 300 homes are yet to submit planning applications, making this a total of 1400 new homes in the Western Wards. Warsash takes the bulk of these with some 800 – 900 new homes.

Save Warsash and the Western Wards was started in November 2017 by local residents to significantly reduce the mass over development of Warsash, Titchfield, & Titchfield Commom, Locks Heath, Park Gate and the Sarisbury Green areas. Central government is forcing all local Councils to dramatically increase the number of new houses being built. We are fighting for a balanced distribution of new homes across the borough and need your help to reduce the numbers before it’s too late! We need to ACT NOW, you need to ACT NOW by objecting to each major planning application!


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A huge thank you to all those who contributed to the recent fundraising and supported us at the planning committee meeting on Wednesday 16th January. The fundraising paid for a leading planning QC whose opinion is FBC are (potentially) acting unlawfully.

In our deputations Rob and I asked committee to refuse permission as a) access onto Greenaway Lane for 100 houses would be catastrophic and b) they would be acting potentially unlawfully. After a long debate the vote was 4 against deferral and 5 for deferral (chair had casting vote). On top of the 2 issues we raised, members also asked we look at the bigger picture as “enough is enough” for Warsash. A small victory but nonetheless the best for this group so far.

We are now seeking additional funding for the next planning hearing where we will be challenged by FBC’s legal representatives about our QC’s opinion. Your donations will help massively with this. We are very grateful for them and please excuse us if we don’t get to thank you personally.









The Victory Hall presentations from 09/02/18

Stand up for Warsash and its neighbours and stop over development

The story so far on the individual planning applications in the Greenaway Lane/Brook Lane area …UPDATED Feb 2018

The following applications were given APPROVAL for outline planning on 24th January at the FBC planning committee meeting.

P/17/0746/OA – 85 dwellings
P/17/0752/OA – 140 dwellings
P/17/0845/ OA- 180 dwellings (aka : P/16/0959/OA)

At the meeting, several excellent deputations were given by Warsash Councillors and SWWW team members against the applications.
Many references to the council own policy were highlighted stating that these developments would be contrary to their own policy’s but sadly all these references were ignored.

The result was a close vote of 5 to 4 in favour of all 3 applications .

Many members of the committee stated that they had NO choice to vote for the applications as they admitted the Planners and the Council had failed to demonstrate that they had a robust 5 Year Plan for housing .

Amazingly enough, HCC (Hampshire County Council) who are in charge of roads & education etc had no objections to the plans even though the local roads and schools are all full !

2 more applications proposed for Warsash are still yet to be decided :
P/17/0998/OA – Land &Partners for 172 dwellings – East Of Brook Lane
P/17/1284/OA – Ms Hanslip for 37 dwellings – Land adjoining 79 Greenaway Lane

The next Planning Committee meeting is on 21st Feb. Amongst the applications due to be decided on this date are :
P/17/1055/OA – Mr Greg Plunkett – 42 dwellings – Sovereign Crescent
P/17/1366/OA – 70 dwellings – Heath Road

SWWW are making several formal complaints to FBC including the handling of our petition and also the Public Inquiry debacle.  If you would also like to make formal complaint please  CLICK HERE

Or if you would like to download the paper form version and send it by post to FBC, please  CLICK HERE

Campaign for Rural England Petition

At our public meeting last night we welcomed Charlee Bennett from the Hampshire branch of the National organisation, Campaign to Protect Rural England, CPRE.

CPRE are supporting the Save Warsash and Western Wards campaign by offering advise and guidance.
Please sign their latest petition to protect South Hampshire countryside. Much of our local green area is not currently safe from the threat of development. Let’s try to ensure that there is some green space left for future generations. CLICK HERE to sign the petition


Please support this petition which calls for a Vote of No Confidence in Fareham Borough Council. All across Fareham, questionable planning decisions are being made that totally ignore the current situation of local communities. Do you think the planning committee and the Council are listening to you? If not, please sign. CLICK HERE to sign the petition


Please contribute to the costs of the campaign and professional advice CLICK HERE

At the meeting on Friday 9th February, these leaflets were handed out which give an update on the current SWWW position. Look out for the upcoming planning applications and advice on how to comment on them.



STAND UP for WARSASH march was an AMAZING success with around 500 people joining in – an outstanding community effort!!!!
It was televised on both ITV Meridian and BBC South. The Daily Echo and Portsmouth News also covered the event. Well done EVERYONE!